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VISION: Institute for Christ-Centered Servant Leaders and Stewards

MISSION: To transform volunteers and urban partners into servant leaders in the light of PCP II and Catholic Social Teachings.

The Institute, also called [email protected] is a division under Caritas Manila, Inc. organized and manned by volunteers within the Archdiocese of Manila. These volunteers are complementing the manpower need of the social services program of Caritas Manila. Currently, the Institute is manned by not less than 3,000 volunteers. The services they render are given with the heart and dedication to serve the community without expecting any remuneration. These volunteers are God’s gift to the Church and Caritas Manila that will have to be provided support to sustain their efforts and dedication in uplifting the lives of the poor who are recipients of our social services. The Institute endeavors to provide them necessary training to ensure that they are equipped with knowledge, skills and the spirituality to deliver their tasks as shepherds, stewards and pastoral workers.


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As the backbone of Servant Leadership, VOLUNTEERISM becomes a powerful means of engaging people to implement social services and development programs for the poor families in their communities. Working with, in, and through different parishes, servant leaders undergo trainings and values formation seminars for them to function efficiently and effectively.