Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP)

The Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP) is the flagship program of CARITAS MANILA that aims to break the chains of poverty in the Philippines by providing opportunities for a college education for poor, underprivileged but deserving youth.

CARITAS MANILA believes that education is the most effective developmental program for poverty reduction.   And so it has designated its Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP) as its flagship program to break the chains of poverty in the Philippines by providing opportunities for a college education for poor, underprivileged but deserving youth.

This conviction is based on the findings of Ducanes and Tan (2014) who established that poverty incidence drops to 2.4% in a household with at least one college graduate. Which leads to the conclusion that getting a college degree is vital to nation-building with a 98% poverty reduction indicator in the Philippines.

Since its inception in 1953, the program boasts of over 14,000 graduates and currently supports 5,000 beneficiaries nationwide.

YSLEP is an integrated academic and leadership development program designed to provide an environment for scholastic excellence reinforced with leadership and values formation to empower and give its beneficiaries not just financial assistance for education but reinforce it with Christian values.

These differentiate the YSLEP program from other educational scholarships –

1) The beneficiary, financial assistance for a college degree or a vocational technical course is not only provided but a formation program to hone their, and trains and hones the youth not only for academic excellence, but also to become servant leaders with self-discipline, moral integrity and social responsibility.

The 12 Priorities of YSLEP are:

  • Urban Poor Youth
  • Menial Youth Workers
  • Children in Conflict with the Law
  • Children of Fishermen and Farmers
  • Differently Abled Youth
  • Orphans
  • Young Indigenous People
  • Children and Youth who are Survivors of War and Disasters
  • Children and Youth who are Survivors of Human Trafficking
  • Children of Prisoners
  • Street Children and Youth
  • Highschool and College Dropouts

Criteria for YSLEP Scholars are:

  • Must be from a poor family
  • Applicants and parents must signify willingness to participate in the required developmental activities and regular formation sessions
  • Must be an active volunteer/servant of the church or community
  • Must render at least 100 hours volunteer work in the church or community every year
  • Must maintain at least 80% general weighted average (GWA)
    – Must not shift course
    – Must not fail or drop any subject
  • Must not be a recipient of a scholarship from another organization


What is CAMASA?

The CARITAS MANILA ALUMNI SCHOLARS ASSOCIATION is the community of Caritas Manila’s graduate scholars.

They are the fruits of Caritas Manila’s scholarship program formerly known as the Educational Assistance Program (EAP – 1953 to 2007) and now as the Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP – 2008 to present).

The LOGO represents both the diversity and the fellowship of the members in the association unified in love –  Caritas, and keeping alive Caritas Manila’s vision as Church of the Poor for the service of the poor, rooted in faith driven by love.

The main activities of the Society

  1. Membership. YSLEP graduates automatically become members of CAMASA.
  2. Monitor and Networking. CAMASA members are monitored to ensure that they are gainfully employed and progressing out of poverty while remaining active in church/community services.
  3. Formation and Fellowship. CAMASA members assemble for continuous formation and actively participates in Caritas Manila’s events and activities.
  4. Balik Handog (Pay Forward). Graduates are encouraged to become donors by sponsoring other Youth Servant Leaders.

Poverty is one of the major reasons why some students can’t pursue their studies. Through YSLEP, more youth were given opportunities to finish college, but Caritas Manila cannot do it without your support.

A donation that comes from the heart will not only help a scholar but also his/her family. For only P2,500 per month or PHP30,000 per year, you can make a difference in one youth’s life.

With your help, more poor but deserving youth may be provided with better opportunities! For inquiries about YSLEP, email us at [email protected]

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