Segunda Mana is the donations in-kind program of Caritas Manila to help the poor help themselves.

It is a social enterprise that collects in-kind donations. These donations are converted to cash in our Charity Outlets in order to sustain our triple bottom line development programs:

What you can donate:

Used & preloved items like apparel, footwear, accessories etc.

Slow & non-moving inventories which may still be used.

Goods that consume space in your closets, homes, offices & warehouses which are still usable or recyclable.

  1. Fund over 5000 voc/tech and college scholars nationwide under our Youth Servant Leadership & Education Program.

  2. Support the livelihood of over 300 micro entrepreneurs and their families from informal sectors like BASECO and Payatas.

  3. Strongly promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

The Good Newspaper (Segunda Mana Section)

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If you want to help donate in our Segunda Mana Program, please click the button below.