“I shall forever be grateful to Caritas Manila”

Greetings in Christ!

Caritas Manila has been aiding hundreds of thousands of students who had dreams although some might have been short in reaching those dreams on their own means. Comes Caritas and those dreams would prove to be within the clutches of those talented, inspired, persistent and blessed dreamers. I was once blessed to reach my own future, as a scholar, with those who came before me, those with me, and those who came after me decades ago, when it was yet named then as Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Manila. I shall forever be grateful for such blessings. I would, in retrospect, imagine the downturn in my future life if Catholic Charities was not there at the moment I needed help making that future wildly divergent had not fate brought me close to that Catholic program.

I travelled through finishing my career in education and believed I was able to help ambling secondary, tertiary, graduate and post-graduate students of the University of Santo Tomas, The University of Makati, Miriam College, Sienna College, the Far Eastern University and the St. Benilde College of deLa Salle. I was given the opportunity to travel in many parts of the world to present research paper in Mathematics, Descriptive Geometry and Statistics and was an elected officer in some national and international math circles. Much of these I owe to the chances and trust given me by the respected Caritas Manila. I pray that the same chances would be enjoyed by academic dreamers for decades still to come in many fields of human endeavors enhancing our country’s progress.
I was previously in need in my youth and Caritas was there to fill the void. I have been, since then, self-sufficient in my life, thanks to Caritas! That was in the ’60s right after my graduation. I would later have a family and with the help of my husband, himself an academician, pushed for the school dreams of our children until all became professionals in their own pursuits. I am now pleasantly dreaming for the future of my grandchildren.

They claim that life is a dream with many twists and turns in the many insights that life can afford everyone and Caritas could be the guiding hand to many in their academic journey within that travel through life. Kindness in our sojourn is a gift anyone can afford to give as much to others having been guided by the mission and vision of Caritas Manila. We as scholars of Caritas can possibly aid people in need of even the basic necessities in their existence. God provides and we can be His conduit in aiding people in need forced down by disasters and calamities as much help as what the Church has been doing all along. Let our moments of kindness become a lasting memory to those who seek for our aid as I would believe I did so in many unobtrusive ways in my lifetime delineating the ‘Golden Rule.’
I shall pray further for the unstoppable success of the foresights of Caritas Manila to the dreamers of the coming generation. God be with us in all our discrete moments of good work and vision.

         – Prof. Carmelita Eisma-Agalabia, Ph.D.
Brief Bio-Data

Name: Mrs. Carmelita F. Eisma – Agalabia
Profession: Retired professor of various schools
Academic Degrees: BSE, M.A., Ph.D. in Development Education (all from the University of Santo Tomas) Academic Rank: Full Professor/former Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Pamantasan ng Makati, Makati City, Philippines
Years supported by the Catholic Charities (Caritas Manila): 1959-1963 / graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Education (Cum Laude) from the University of Santo Tomas
Years of Teaching Experience: 45 years (35 in UST) plus other schools
Legal Status: Married to Dr. Urbano F. Agalabia, with 5 professional children
Citizenship: formerly Filipino Citizen since birth; recently naturalized American Citizen


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