Alay Kapwa is an annual Lenten Evangelization and fundraising program of the Roman Catholic Church for social services of the poor and most in need, especially during times of disaster.

The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Each year, an average of 20 storms and typhoons hit the Philippines. During this time, many people especially the poor need help and assistance. Caritas Manila, the lead social services and development ministry of the Church, responds to crises and calamities through Caritas Damayan, providing emergency and relief assistance, humanitarian aid to victims and educates disaster-prone communities by conducting pre-disaster training and help in the restoration and rebuilding of communities.

Funds raised from Alay Kapwa will be used as emergency funds for both natural and human-caused calamities like typhoons, floods, fire, earthquakes, and other tragedies and crises, and for disaster prevention and mitigation programs.

Pastoral Letter

His Eminence Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, D.D., in his Pastoral Letter for Alay Kapwa 2019, stressed that the Alay Kapwa funds get depleted immediately due to the increasing number and magnitude of the calamities being responded to by Caritas Damayan. He appealed support to Alay Kapwa.

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The Church encourages the faithful to support the second collection of all the parishes for the Six Sundays of Lent (March 10 to April 14) to raise fund for Alay Kapwa that is meant to support the social services to the poor, especially those who suffer during the natural and human-caused calamities and for disaster risk reduction programs.

In the Archdiocese of Manila, for instance, the fund raised from the second collection for the six Sundays will be for the benefit of Caritas Manila’s Damayan relief assistance, emergency response, and humanitarian aid.


Annually, Caritas Manila in partnership with Radio Veritas conducts Alay Kapwa Telethon to raise funds for the programs of Caritas Damayan.

P40 for 40 Challenge

We at Caritas Manila is inviting you to join our “Alay Kapwa P40 for 40 challenge”– a campaign that allows exercising faith as we share in the sacrifice of Christ our Saviour by taking a vow in giving up or abstaining from certain foods, habits or physical pleasures in exchange of giving to others. From these things that you give up during Lenten season, you may save a starting pledge of P40 a day can be raised P1600 at the end of 40 days that will be used as a lifeline by our brothers and sisters in need in times of life-threatening emergencies and disasters.


Tithing for the Poor

In Caritas Manila, your TITHING FOR THE POOR will support our flagship program YSLEP or the Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program  which helps reduce poverty by giving underprivileged youth financial assistance to help them finish college or a voc-tech degree.  Our scholars, whom we call Youth Servant Leaders, undergo leadership trainings, spiritual formations and church and community service opportunities so that they will graduate imbued with self-discipline, moral integrity, and social responsibility. Each year, we target to help 5,000 youths from the poorest provinces nationwide.

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