Caritas Manila and Mission Partnership

To strengthen its education program, Caritas Manila entered into a partnership with Mission to help send more youth to school through Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP).

As one of the largest international Catholic relief organization in Germany, Missio is committed to helping the poor through various developmental programs, particularly in the poverty and crisis regions of the world. With both organizations’ thrust to empower the poor and neglected in the society, Caritas Manila and Mission are a perfect match in their respective mission of poverty reduction.

Mission donated 186.000,00 EUR to Caritas Manila’s YSLEP. This partnership allows 310 poor but deserving youth to finish college in the identified communities in the conflicted areas in Mindanao and IPs in Cordillera Administrative Region.

YSLEP is not just scholarship, but leadership.  The youth scholar beneficiaries of Caritas Manila’s YSLEP undergo various values formation modules and leadership workshops which center on three core values of Self-Discipline, Moral Integrity, and Social Responsibility.  There are over 5,000 youth nationwide under Caritas Manila’s YSLEP.

There are more youth who need your help!  To donate to Caritas Manila’s YSLEP, please visit or call our DonorCare lines at 563-9311, 564-0205, 0999-7943455, 0905-4285001 and 0929-8343857.

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